He says the mask intimidates people who think they’re above the law

Sabir Abdussabur calls himself the “Masked Maniac” and patrols the streets of New Haven, Connecticut on his bike, educating irresponsible drivers.

“When I got hit by a car back in 2014, I decided to take the law into my own hands and just patrol the streets for myself to help the streets become safer,” he told the New York Post.

He says the mask and outfit, “intimidates everybody who thinks they’re above the law.”

He also carries a boombox, fearing that he could otherwise be done for criminal intent as a result of wearing the mask.

So what, exactly, does he do when he’s out and about?

“I pull over cars for speeding, for double parking, all things that would endanger either pedestrians or a cyclist.”

It doesn’t always go well.

“I can’t give out tickets. I’ve been assaulted. People have tried to tase me.”

In short, he lets people know when they’re being inconsiderate and when he has problems with a particular motorist, he simply tells the police.

“I’ll sit down and talk to the police department when I run into them: ‘I’m having a problem with this car being parked in front of this fire hydrant on this corner and jamming up the traffic’.”

Abdussabur’s father is a former police officer and has tried to persuade his son to pursue the same career – but to no avail.

As well as riding around as the Masked Maniac, Abdussabur also works as a custodial operations manager and runs his own marketing company and he says he can earn more money outside law enforcement.

 “I don’t really see myself as a vigilante,” he says. “I just see myself as a citizen.”

He even has apprentices. Two other young men now work with him and his dream is to have a chapter of Masked Maniacs in every city.

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