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MyCyclingWeekend - Fuelled by Soreen - Winner Announced

Loads of you headed out in the sunshine for some sunny miles!

The promised sunshine arrived for the first #MyCyclingWeekend of June, making it a brilliant weekend to get out on the bike.

By the looks of the photos, loads of you went out for proper weekend adventures, with quite a few bikepacking pictures.

The winner this week is one of those bikepackers! Lindy Larkin has packed up boyfriend David and gone off for a touring ride in France, using the stunning-looking French cycle paths. Needless to say, we're rather jealous!



Going a little faster is Jamie who was racing the UCI Grand Fondo series. 26mph for 80miles, nice work!



Ian Cotton took to the lanes of Mells, just down the road from us, for what looks like a very pleasant spin.



Jeremy took yet another photo of sunshine in Wales. These are surely photoshopped, where's the rain?



Natalie got snapped taking a selfie. 



Jur has found a brilliant training partner in the form of his shadow!



Dion seems to have found the only misty weather around, this one from the Peak District. #Moody



Sarah, that isn't the best place to have a rest...



Stefano and the 'TCG Banter bus' made use of the weather for a full day in the saddle.



And finally, Lee and the Hornsea Peloton headed to the cafe for a thirst-quenching coffee.



We loved looking through your photos, so keep them coming in using the #MyCyclingWeekend on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

We'll be back with Soreen on Friday with details of another great competition!

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