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Winner announced for 3T Strada frameset competition!

Winner announced for 3T Strada frameset competition

The Competition is now closed and we have a Winner!


Congratulations to David Pile. 3T will be in contact with you shortly.


For all of those who entered and didn't win, better luck next time

We have an absolutely amazing prize for you this week on 3T Cycling srl are giving you lucky lot a chance to win a £3700 STRADA frameset. That's right, the STRADA is the same frameset that was our overall Bike of the Year and Superbike of the Year  2017/8 winner back in January and was runner-up in our Frameset of the Year awards. This is an incredible prize and your chance to own one of the greatest road frames we have ever tested, all for the price of entering the competition below.


Here is how 3T describe the Frameset:

When you feel the stiffness of the STRADA frame combine with the comfort of its wider tyres, it’s a totally unique experience. In addition, you sense the speed that comes from a no-compromise focus on aerodynamics: airfoil shapes designed specifically around these wider tyres, a 1x drivetrain and the tight clearances reminiscent of the fastest time trial bikes. If you like to lead from the front, the STRADA is your ticket to get there first.

There's so much to talk about with this stunning frame that you need to read all the details on the 3T website and check out the review from Dave Arthur to understand what the designers at 3T have done to make this bike quite so special. 

Here are the STRADA's key design features for you to think about when you are looking at these pictures: 

Wide tyre optimization: The biggest factor in road bike comfort are the tyres; they provide more compliance than any other part of the bike. Wider tyres are better at reducing shocks from cracks, curbs, cobbles and potholes, which is why they are the norm at Paris-Roubaix. Wider tyres also have lower rolling resistance, because their shorter contact patch requires less bending by the casing.

Paradigm Shift 1x Aero: A single ring drivetrain eliminates the front derailleur and one chainring, reducing frontal area, creating space for unobstructed airflow and freeing up the design of the seat tube to shield the rear wheel even better

Real Fast Arc Foil: Aero tubes are designed based on a series of flat 2D cross sections that connect together into a tube shape. But in the real world, the air flowing over a tube doesn’t follow a flat path, it follows an arc. We built our Arcfoil tubes as a series of curved instead of flat Sqaero cross sections. These exactly mimic the arc of the actual airflow at several points along the tubes and substantially lower the drag. The Sqaero airfoil sections of the seat tube arc for a different reason, to perfectly cover the rear tyre and reduce the turbulence.

Mind the Gap: A smooth transition of the airflow from front wheel to down tube and from seat tube to rear wheel is crucial to lowering drag. The STRADA minimises these gaps while respecting the UCI rules.

Aeroflex: Bike frames are inherently stiff vertically, and the right tyres offer much more comfort than a frame ever can. But we eke out a few last percent with our extremely thin (=aero & comfortable) seatstays.

Disc brake only: We don't want to compromise weight, stiffness and aerodynamics by combining disc & rim brake versions in one frame platform, so everything on the STRADA is fully optimised for flat mount disc brakes only.

Hide-Ration: The STRADA down tube is shaped to hide the water bottles from the airflow. The fastest setup is one bottle low on the down tube, the “team-leader” configuration. Second-fastest set up is with two bottles.



Here are some of the comments from our own Dave Arthur's review.

"It's a truly stunning bike with breathtaking speed, impressive smoothness and fine handling balance. If this is the future, as some people have speculated, I'm sold. Take my money 3T"


"I have never ridden a bike that combines such astounding speed wrapped up with superlative comfort. Even though it's rolling on tyres that measure 31mm wide, it's as fast, if not faster, than many of the best race bikes I've tested. And it's more comfortable on my rough local roads than any other aero road bike; heck, it's as comfortable as some endurance bikes".

If this was my only bike, I wouldn't be unhappy at all. It's one of the few bikes I really covet."

Very high praise indeed and truly one of the most exciting frame designs of 2017 and a wonderful prize from our friends at 3T Cycling srl.



All you have to do to win a 3T STRADA is enter the competition below.

Good luck!









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