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Now Closed - Boardman Performance Centre Competition

Winner announced! £1000 package at the Boardman Performance Centre

One lucky winner has now been selected and I can announce it is

Der, der der...


Step forward  Jack McGurran

Boardman will be in contact by email to arrange your prize. We were up there last week, it is truly amazing, we hope you have a great time, do let us know how it goes! 





On Monday 30th April Boardman Bikes are opening their brand new Performance centre in Evesham in the Cotswolds.

To celebrate the opening of this world class facility, Boardman are giving one extremely lucky reader the chance to win a Complete Performance Package on a day of your own choosing (subject to opening times of course!).  This is the Centre's top of the range package and these kind of facilities, until now, are the kind only absolutely top riders would have access to. The Boardman Performance centre changes that, as it will be open to everyone.

This all day experience is worth £1000. And seriously, it looks like a cracking day any cyclist serious about improving their performance would love to win.

So let's look at what exactly the day involves.

This is where you'll spend the day:


And here's the Wind Tunnel Prep Room, from where you'll enter the Wind Tunnel itself


And though it's not quite finished yet, here's the wind tunnel concept:




Looks pretty impressive, doesn't it? 

So, in essence, your prize is made up of the centre's premium Physiology, Biomechanic and Aerodynamic services combined, with the goal of setting a baseline in each area and using the tools available to improve performance holistically. The package retails at £1000 and will take a day at the centre (of the winner's choosing) where you will see specialists from each area and, as the name suggests, get the complete service offering from the team and facility.  

Here is an overview list of the desired outcomes and more detailed list of what this service includes. 

Desired Outcome:
Comprehensive quantification of your current setup
Integrated aerodynamic and biomechanical position optimisation.
Comprehensive fitness capacity profile, strengths and weaknesses identified.
Comprehensive Summary Report of fitness, position and aero status.
Access to cloud-based database for remote access to session data, photos and video. 

• 60-min wind-tunnel time with Boardman's own aerodynamicists
• Complete Baseline Assessment. 
• Current bike set-up.
• Pedalling effectiveness
• Fitness and Health
• Biomechanically effectiveness and position sustainability
• Fine tune position for combined aerodynamics, biomechanical efficiency 
• Reduce risk of injury and discomfort
• Run-by-run guidance on positional changes to increase speed
• Explore cross-wind (yaw) and speed (Reynolds No) range of customer likely event conditions
• Quantify on-the-road performance predictions (EG speed increase, power saved efficiency increased)
• Debrief session (30-min) with recommendations.
• Comprehensive positional measurements to take away
• Implications and guidance for training and event preparation 
• Guidance on product selection for chosen events if required
• Website portal access for data, video and photography
• Summary report and recommendations

This looks like an amazing day for any cyclist, and you can be sure you're going to come out of there confident you'll be a better cyclist. are off to see the Centre on Thursday 26th so we'll be reporting on this again soon. The centre opens on the 30th April. Individuals and clubs will be able to get tailored packages to suit, so have a look around their site to see what they offer. 

And to win this once in a lifetime prize, all you have to do is fill in the form below! The winner will be drawn at midday on the 2nd May! 


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