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New video series: building a bamboo bike

Dave's making a bike out of sticks and glue. We can't see how that could go wrong...

Time for a new series of videos! Our Dave has been interested in building a bamboo bike for a while, and he's finally bitten the bullet with a kit from the Bamboo Bicycle Club, which purports to contain everything you need for the job. With the possible exceptions of hand-eye co-ordination and patience.

Anyway, he's underway with the task of building it, with the stated aim of rocking up to a 3rd cats race at some point in the summer to general derision. That's something we're very much looking forward to seeing. The first job is to build the jig that's used to put the frame together, so that's the theme for this vid. We'll be running a new video in this series every Friday until Dave either completes his race, or sets fire to the bamboo bits in a fit of pique, or permanently bonds himself to a work surface with epoxy resin. There'll be a few vids, anyway. We hope you enjoy them!

If you're interested in the kits, they cost £275 for the road bike and you can get hold of one here.



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