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Huge support for CS4 plans – campaigners say response demonstrates just how much a physically-protected cycle route is needed

Route will extend from Greenwich to Tower Bridge

Transport for London (TfL) has received an overwhelmingly positive response to its consultation on Cycle Superhighway 4 (CS4). Direct responses alone saw 83 per cent of 3,265 people express support (11 per cent) or strong support (72 per cent) for the plans.

Those results were supplemented by 1,350 responses expressing strong support which were submitted via the London Cycling Campaign website and another 80 from Sustrans which also expressed support.

14 per cent did not support proposals, while 3 per cent said they neither supported nor opposed them.

The overall proposals are for 4km of segregated cycle lanes on a busy commuting route along Creek Road, Evelyn Street, Lower Road, Jamaica Road and Tooley Street. The plans for Lower Road will be subject to a separate consultation later in the year.

According to TfL, sections of the route along Tooley Street and Jamaica Road are among the top one per cent of areas for cycle demand in London, while the route as a whole is in the top five per cent.

TfL plans to publish a response to the issues raised during consultation, as well as its next steps, later this year.

London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman, said: “I’m delighted that our plans to improve cycling facilities in southeast London have received such overwhelming support. We know that this is an area with huge potential and these results show what a great demand there is for a safe, segregated route.

“Cycle Superhighway 4 will encourage many more local people on to their bikes and improve the area for pedestrians, benefiting the whole community. I look forward to working closely with the boroughs to take our plans forward.”

Fran Graham, Campaigns Coordinator at London Cycling Campaign, said: “London Cycling Campaign is delighted to see the overwhelming support for Cycle Superhighway 4, demonstrating just how much a physically-protected cycle route in southeast London is needed.

“CS4 will enable many more people to cycle safely and enjoyably, and will connect to future routes such as the Canary Wharf - Rotherhithe walking and cycling crossing. CS4 is also vital to progress on the Mayor’s pledge to Londoners and the London Cycling Campaign to triple the mileage of protected cycle tracks during his first term.”

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