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Video: Pittsburgh road rage driver pretends he's going to ram cyclist before throwing his bike at him

Cyclist’s crime appears to have been filtering past someone who was in a rush

A Pittsburgh motorist who captured footage of an SUV driver throwing a bike at its owner says he thinks that the violent confrontation came about because the cyclist filtered past the motorist at traffic lights.

Matt Hajduk told the Post Gazette that he was driving on Fifth Avenue in Oakland on Thursday at about 6.30pm when he noticed a red SUV move quickly past him.

The stopped at a red light and Hajduk stopped behind. A cyclist then filtered past both vehicles and stopped in front of the SUV at the lights.

“I could kind of tell the guy in front of me was upset by that because he had been in a hurry before that happened,” said Hajduk. “The guy in the SUV hit the gas and slammed on the brakes, pretending he was going to hit the cyclist. He did it twice. I imagine some words were exchanged.”

This is the point at which the video starts.

The driver got out and threw the cyclist to the ground. We then see him pick up the bike and hurl it at its owner.

After the incident, Hajduk took the cyclist’s number, but no police report was filed and nor did he respond to texts or calls.

Alexandria Shewczyk, marketing and communications manager at Bike Pittsburgh, said despite the fact the incident wasn’t reported, it was an assault. “We urge the city and the police to track down the driver and treat it as such.

“There’s no excuse for this type of behaviour. Cyclists deserve part of the road and motorists need to respect that. These are not just bicyclists, these are human beings.”

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