The new, updated version of Xplova's GPS lands at road.cc towers...

You might remember that last year we tested Xplova's X5 GPS cycling computer. And it did pretty well, really, adding some video functionality to what is a well-specced GPS. The world of tech isn't one to stand still though, and so there's a new version of the X5, cannily dubbed the X5 Evo.

What's been changed? Well, it's got a new interface, the internal memory has been doubled and there's a lot more video capability (though sadly not any more resolution, it's still 720p HD). Xplova have dropped the SIM card slot too, which wasn't a lot of use if we're honest. And they've dropped the price: the X5 Evo is £379.99, £70 cheaper than the original version. And you can get it for a fair bit less than that if you shop around, meaning it's a lot more competitive against its natural rivals, the bigger Garmin Edge units.

Anyway, we've put together this handy vid to run you through the changes, and we're putting in the miles ahead of a full review. Look out for that soon on road.cc!


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