New ShokBox launches on kickstarter, just £299 if you get on board early

Brand new design incorporates anti-crush system and GPS tracking

At the start of the week we had Martin from ShokBox pop in to see us about the company's brand new hard case. ShokBox are running a kickstarter campaign to, erm, kick things off and the good news is that you can get one of the new boxes, that will retail at £579, for just £299. So not much more than half price.

The new ShokBox isn't an updated version of the company's old box, it's a brand new design using updated materials and a different manufacturing process. There's a lot of thought been put into the design, with recessed catches, a simple anti-crush system and four caster wheels for maximum manoeuvrability. The case is also designed to take a GPS tracker and comes supplied with a third party unit that works around the world and lasts for 15 days, so you can track your case if it doesn't make it onto your flight.

ShokBox are also developing a side pod that'll allow you to take a disc wheel or extra equpiment as part of the case. It's modular, so it'll just fit onto the side. We had a good look at the box, check the video above for more details.

The basic Shokbox will retail for £499, with the GPS case coming in at £579; it'll be £695 with the additional side pod. For launch, though, the GPS box will cost £299 if you get in early: there are forty boxes available at that price, five in each of the eight colours.  Over a quarter of them have already gone though, so best get your skates on if you want one of the cheapest boxes. After that it'll be £349, which is still a big saving over retail.

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