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Big changes ahead for our Youtube channel

Six of the best coming your way every Wednesday

If you have visited the Youtube channel recently, and if you haven't why not, you may have noticed our sparkly new banner. This isn't just a face lift or a fresh lick of paint. This is the first step on producing, hopefully, better videos for your enjoyment.

What this means is that every Wednesday at 6pm, starting October 4th, there will be a brand new Six of the Best video, looking at everything from bikes, wheels, helmets and beyond. This style of video won't be anything new to those of you that are avid viewers of the channel, as we have already published three of these a few months ago and the feedback was generally good so we've decided to give you more of the same.

Youtube banner.png


Like I said these are just the first few steps as we aim to get a bigger foothold in the Youtube machine. We will be continuing to add extra regular strands to our schedule, with the aim of getting up to a video a day, but lets not run before we can walk. 

Don't worry we will still be posting unboxings, first looks and a variety of other videos but you will be able to set your watch to six of the bests. However, we do ask that you get involved in the comments section to voice your opinions on the products included and what videos you want us to be making.

I look forward to speaking to you guys in the comments! 


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