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The Times apologises after labelling graph of deaths and injuries TO cyclists as 'deaths and injuries caused BY cyclists'

Removes two graphs, says it was ‘an honest mistake’

The Times has apologised after labelling a graph of deaths and serious injuries suffered by cyclists in the UK as “deaths and serious injuries caused by cyclists in the UK”. The graph accompanied the newspaper’s article about a 73-year-old woman who died following a collision with a cyclist on London’s Oxford Street earlier this week.

The graph was first brought to the newspaper’s attention by Peter Stuart.



However, the mystery was soon unravelled. As cycling campaigner Bez put it:



Mark Treasure also spotted a problem with a second graph.



After this was pointed out, The Times removed the graphs from the article, initially stating that this was due to “scaling errors” before eventually revising this to just plain old “errors”.



Interactive news editor at The Times, Sam Joiner, apologised for what he said was an ‘honest mistake’.

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