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Man arrested for joyriding at Aussie cycle event

Man sailed through start line on stolen bike shouting “I win, I win”

A man who stole and joyrode a bicycle at a charity bike ride has been charged by police.

Cyclists were lining up for the Oceanway Ride cycling event on Australia’s Gold Coast when a man in baggy shorts sailed past them on a bike.

As the national anthem played, he shouted, “I win, I win”.

Someone called out “that bike’s stolen” while another man yelled, “stop him”.

Bike thief chase.png

A furious chase ensued, with several onlookers following the thief on foot and one man throwing a drink in his face.

After a quick spin around the seafront, the man was tackled to the ground and held in a headlock.

Lachlan Boyle, one of the men who ended the pursuit, told 7 News the man even congratulated them on their tackle.

“A few of us jumped in front of him as he was coming towards us, and we got him off the bike and got it back to the other person,” he said.

“He actually said, ‘yeah good tackle guys, well done’.”

Police then arrested the man, who could be heard saying: “What am I getting arrested for?"

A 28-year-old Palm Beach man was charged with stealing and was due to appear in court on September 22, a police spokesman said.


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