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Road rage driver convicted by own dashcam footage following altercation with two-abreast cyclists

Said he was reaching for some pies when he laid his hands on an 18-inch machete lying on the passenger seat

A Yorkshire motorist has admitted a public order offence after a video camera on his dashboard captured an angry confrontation with a cyclist on November 19 last year. 54-year-old farmer Raymond Goodsell reportedly submitted the footage to police himself, “to prove his point”.

The Harrogate Advertiser reports that Goodsell had been driving his Cherokee Jeep on the B6451 near Darley when he happened upon a group of cyclists riding two abreast.

He honked his horn as he approached and then overtook. The road is narrow and prosecutor Richard Holland said the cyclists felt he had passed too closely. One gave chase and pulled alongside when Goodsell stopped at a give-way line.

An angry exchange ensued. The cyclist at one point lashed out at the Jeep’s wing mirror, while Goodsell shouted “Do you want some?” as he put his hand on a large machete on the passenger seat.

Goodsell claimed that he had not been deliberately reaching for the 18-inch serrated Garza knife, but had in fact been attempting to prevent some pies lying next to it from falling off the seat.

The Crown accepted that he had the knife for work purposes and dropped a charge of having an offensive weapon after accepting that he did not pick it up or wield it. Holland did however say that the cyclist must have seen it, describing the incident as “certainly very frightening.”

The Crown also accepted that Goodsell had overtaken correctly and was driving at a “sensible speed” before the exchange.

Goodsell had a previous conviction for causing bodily harm by furious driving in 1994 – the same offence for which London fixed gear cyclist Charlie Alliston was recently convicted.

Judge Paul Worlsey QC told Goodsell: “Your behaviour was not forgivable. Your reaction was a very unattractive one and it’s (reactions) like that which can lead to violence.”

Goodsell was ordered to carry out 120 hours’ unpaid work and pay £250 costs.

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