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Melbourne cyclist dabs for Google StreetView car

Dabbed his way right down the street

A Melbourne cyclist has made the most of a short ride behind a Google StreetView car by adopting a dab pose for the photographs it was taking.

The Telegraph reports that while riding along Cecil Place in December 2016, the unnamed rider either executed a whole series of dabs or quite possibly one long one.

Dabbing Melbourne cyclist 4.jpg
Dabbing Melbourne cyclist 3.jpg


It looks like he only returned his hands to the bars at the end of the road at the junction with the rather busier Chapel Street.

Dabbing Melbourne cyclist 2.jpg


In 2011, Tom Boonen popped up on StreetView clad in his Belgian national champion’s jersey, while more recently, Jeremy Corbyn was snapped on his Raleigh near his home in Islington.

Website catalogues Google StreetView images before and after cycle improvements

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