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Amstel to open 'ice bath pub' for Prudential Ride London so riders can enjoy two types of recovery simultaneously

Free beer!

Amstel is opening the Cold Tub Pub for Prudential RideLondon next weekend. The world’s first ‘ice bath pub’ will see visitors submerged to their waists in cold tubs while enjoying a bottle of Amstel.

The Dutch brewery describes its stunt – which will be found near the RideLondon finish at Unit 30, Royal Opera Arcade, 5b Pall Mall – as “a truly unique form of post-cycling recovery and all-round bonding experience for guests.”

Visitors will get 10 minutes in the cold tub, after which they will be turfed out onto normal pub seating to admire an array of cycling memorabilia adorning the pub’s walls and to watch the rest of the event on the pub’s TVs with fellow finishers.

The pub will be open from 1-7pm on Saturday and from 12-6pm on Sunday. You can book a cold tub spot online – it’s free and you’ll get a 300ml bottle of Amstel too.

The bad news is that unlike most pubs, Amstel specify that there is “no additional alcohol available to purchase.”

We’re sure you can find other premises that will fulfil that particular need – although don’t count on them providing you with another ice bath.

Amstel’s partnership with RideLondon has also resulted in a team of eight Mark Cavendishes, coached by their namesake, taking part.

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reliablemeatloaf | 6 years ago
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Wow! A chance to soak in sweat-laced ice water!

BarryBianchi replied to reliablemeatloaf | 6 years ago

reliablemeatloaf wrote:

Wow! A chance to soak in sweat-laced ice water!

In or with, or both?

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