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Near Miss of the Day 13: UPS driver threatens with his 18-wheeler

Warning: contains strong language

Our regular feature highlighting close passes caught on camera takes a trip to New York State today, where a cyclist endured a close pass by a UPS Freight 18-wheeler back in 2015.

“This UPS Driver decided to start honking and then swerve in to me on the road,” writes the video uploader, Mike. “And then he has the audacity to say there's a side walk right there, and then threatens me by saying have fun seeing St Peter.”

After pointing out that cyclists have every right to be on the road, he adds: “This UPS driver should not have a job driving an 18-wheeler if he is going to use it as a weapon and does not know the laws of the state that he is in.”

Mike reported the incident to UPS​ Freight who told him: "The issue is being handled and addressed."

Mike also filed a complaint against his commercial driver’s licence and was told that they would look at the video and decide if his licence should be revoked.

Over the years, has reported on literally hundreds of close passes and near misses involving badly driven vehicles from every corner of the country – so many, in fact, that we’ve decided to turn the phenomenon into a regular feature on the site. One day hopefully we will run out of close passes and near misses to report on – but until that happy day arrives, Near Miss of the Day will keep rolling on.

If you’ve caught on camera a close encounter of the uncomfortable kind with another road user that you’d like to share with the wider cycling community please send it to us at info [at] or contact us via the Facebook page. Please also let us know where it took place and whether or not your local police force took any action.

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