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Great cycling deals on Specialized, Science in Sport, & Spokesman

If you want to give your summer cycling adventures a boost check out the DealCatcher's offerings on nutrition, bib shorts, and bikes!...

We've got some big brands in today's DealCatcher. None of them are bigger, though, than Specialized.

First up in our selection of deals from across the world wide web today is Specialized's famous Allez. Specifically, we've got the 2017 Allez E5 Elite model straight from Hargroves Cycles for you today.

If you're after some nutrition products or a pair of bib shorts you're in the right place too!

Over at Science in Sport the DealCatcher's spotted a cracking deal on some SiS prodcuts that'll give you a boost, this time for 50% less money than you'd usually spend.

Finally, Cycle Surgery has Spokesman's Team Shorts on offer at a 30% discount, sadly though there's a catch.


Hargroves Cycles

17% off Specialized's 2017 Allez E5 Elite Road Bike
WAS £900.00 | NOW £744.00

Specialized Allez.jpg

We've already had an intimate connection with Specialized's Allez E5 this year. We'll tell you this much: it was an "awesome" experience.

You can check out our full review below, but in short our man Stu Kerton said it was an awesome speed machine for anyone who just likes to go fast.

That was the Sport version too. Here, at Hargroves Cycles, you'll be getting the Elite version for less than the Sport costs.

What more do you get for your money? Well, the Elite runs Shimano's Tiagra groupset with a KMC X10 chain and a Praxis crankset aboard its E5 Premium Aluminium frame and carbon fibre fork.

Axis Sport wheels will keep you rolling, while a Body Geometry Toupe Sport saddle'll keep you comfy.

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Science in Sport

50% off Science in Sport's Boost Pack
WAS £14.00 | NOW £6.99

Science in Sport Boost Pack.png

Next up in today's DealCatcher is a bundle of goodies from Science in Sport.

The Boost bundle that you're seeing here consists of three wonderful products that'll both get you going for your ride and ready for your next.

The combination of SiS's GO Energy and Electrolyte Gels and its GO Caffeine Shot will give you all the nutrients and energy you need to keep your legs turning over on the longer or more intense days in the saddle.

Meanwhile the REGO Rapid Recovery powder will get you ready for your next ride, whether it's the very next day or later in the week.

Interested in a little more information about each product? Check out our range of SiS reviews below:

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Cycle Surgery

30% off Spokesman's Team Short
WAS £100.00 | NOW £70.00

Spokesman Team Shorts.jpg

Our final product of the day is a great deal, but sadly it's only for those of you who fall on the smaller side of the cyclist spectrum.

Only available in a small size, the Spokesman Team Short offers a great deal for the slightly less vertically endowed amongst you.

Our tech editor Dave Arthur gave the shorts a thorough testing and said that the Spokesman shorts were "quality bib shorts with good performance and comfort."

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