Audi driver was on his way to a children’s birthday party

A man has been jailed for 14 months after deliberately driving into five cyclists taking part in a bike race in Steeple in October. Keith Ancona had already gone past a road block when he hit the cyclists and drove off at speed afterwards.

The Maldham and Burnham Standard reports that Ancona had been driving his partner and two daughters to a children’s birthday party in his Audi A5.

While travelling along Batts Road, he was asked to wait for a bike race. He drove past a road block and was then stopped by a race marshal.

A heated exchange is said to have drawn the attention of a number of riders who had already finished. The winner stood in front of the car to block him and banged on the bonnet.

Richard Partridge, prosecuting, said: “The driver got back into his car and drove through a group of five cyclists. They were thrown into the air and onto the bonnet of the car, causing property damage in the region of £10,000. The defendant then drove off at high speed past the cyclists.”

Footage of the incident was released by Essex Police.

Ancona failed to stop at the scene but handed himself in at Chelmsford police station five days later.

He admitted dangerous driving and causing actual bodily harm and was sentenced to six months in prison for dangerous driving, and an additional eight months for causing actual bodily harm, as well as being disqualified from driving for 22 months.

Judge David Turner said: “I’m not sure what you were thinking. You were in a powerful car with your partner and two children heading to a birthday party.

“You completely lost control. What happened was chilling behaviour. You tore off, knocking down cyclists and damaging a number of bikes.

“There can be no doubt in this case that as you drove off at some speed with no care to marshals or the public, including your young family, you were driving dangerously.”

Investigating officer PC Alan Lamb said: “We had CCTV footage of this incident, which was provided to us by a member of the public – this proved to be an invaluable asset to our investigations and is something we would encourage everyone to send across to us if they have video evidence of an incident.

"If you want to send in video or dash cam footage of a road incident, please email it to driving.complaints [at] essex.pnn.police.uk."

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