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Police report spike in bike thefts across East Yorkshire

Thefts up by 40 per cent – police urge cyclists to invest in decent locks

Humberside Police are urging bicycle owners to use a decent lock following a spike in thefts in May. The Yorkshire Post reports that the number of thefts reported in the area rose from 132 in April to 184 in May.

The force said that in the majority of cases, bikes had been taken by opportunists who had spotted them left poorly secured.

PC Andy Allen, Crime Reduction Officer, said: “In the last couple of years we have experienced a decrease in cycle crime. However the latest figures are concerning. I am appealing to cyclists to take a moment to ensure they are taking reasonable steps to protect their bikes.

“The key to preventing these offences is simple – invest in a good lock and use it. A simple rule of thumb is to spend around 10 per cent of the value of your bike on a lock. Unfortunately however, many cyclists view the lock as an unnecessary expense rather than a vital tool to keep their bike safe.”

Allen also recommended that people stored their bike in a locked shed or garage wherever possible and said it was worth investing in a basic alarm and ensuring the bike was locked even when stored away.

He added that people could also assist in locating and returning lost or stolen bikes by registering them on

“Cycles can easily be added onto the property register and the system can also allow you to upload a picture, which can then be used as part of appeals to locate stolen cycles.”

For more advice about securing your bike, see’s bike locking bible.

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