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London tour bus driver pushed cyclist into oncoming traffic

Also said to have tried to ‘bulldoze’ cyclist in his double decker after repeatedly hitting his rear wheel

A tourist bus driver has been convicted of assault after he shoved a cyclist off his bike into oncoming traffic following a confrontation. Paul Birchmore had allegedly hit Angus Fitzgerald’s rear wheel three times while driving a Big Bus Tours double decker northbound over Waterloo Bridge, triggering the row.

Alec Williams, prosecuting, said there was ‘some jockeying for position on the road’ before Birchmore had begun bumping into the back of Fitzgerald’s bike.

The Daily Mail reports that Fitzgerald subsequently tried to ask Birchmore for his details over what were described as slow speed collisions, but Birchmore and a tour guide were said to have raised their middle fingers in response before driving off.

Fitzgerald caught up with the bus on Aldwych, stopping in front of it so that Birchmore couldn’t drive away, and phoned the police. Williams said that Birchmore then tried to ‘bulldoze the cyclist out of his way’.

Birchmore exited the vehicle and pushed Fitzgerald from behind. Helmet cam footage played in court showed the cyclist hitting his head on the left-hand side of a moving car, fortunately suffering no major injuries.

Birchmore, who defended himself, said he had been moved to get out after hearing 'scratching' from the bike against the bus’s fibreglass front.

“The only reason I have pushed him is to push him out of the way from doing damage to the bus,” he said.

Birchmore was found guilty of assaulting Fitzgerald and may face a retrial on a charge of dangerous driving after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

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