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Coming soon! – like but dirtier will cover everything to do with riding bikes in dirt, from gravel to enduro and all stops in between – check it out now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

While we know is your number one source for all things road biking, we're well aware that many of you like to venture off the tarmac too and get your tyres dirty once in a while. That's why we're launching a new sister site, called

As the name suggests, it's going to be like, but with added knobbles. (yes, just like we're carrying on with the whole name being all lower case thing) is going to cover pretty much everything that involves taking a bike off tarmac, from drop-bar gravel adventure bikes to bikepacking to any of the vast number of different machines and disciplines that come under the catch-all of 'mountain biking'.

 Whether you're new to mountain biking, want to get started with that gravel thing or if you're already a seasoned off-road rider, then will have something for you. As with, we'll have lots of reviews and buyer's guides, with a particular focus on the more realistically priced end of the bike market, though we'll keep you up to date with all the latest lustworthy dream machines and cutting edge tech as well. will be drawing on the wealth of mountain biking experience that the team at already has, with the likes of Jo Burt and John Stevenson dipping into their deep knobbly tyre knowledge, plus there are also going to be a whole load of well-known and well respected contributors from the mountain bike world coming on board. The whole shebang will be headed up by Jon Woodhouse (erm, that's me, hi!) , previously of Singletrack, What Mountain Bike and BikeRadar.

The site itself is due to go live at the start of May, but it already lives on social media so if you want a taste of what we're about head over to our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram (we'll be live from the Dirty Reiver this weekend - mobile signal permitting) and you can check us out on Twitter too. If you head to the holding page then you can sign up to get news about the site as well as a regular newsletter once we're up and running.


As well as all the knowledge you need to get the best bike and kit for the money, we also want to keep you and your bike at peak performance, with plenty of how-to guides that'll cover everything from maintenance to skills tips and tricks, plus a healthy dose of features that'll inspire you to get out there. We're all about getting out there and having adventures, whether that's multi-day bikepacking epics or just trying something new and pushing your limits on your local loop. 


Anything else we should tell you at this point? Oh yes, that hyphen between the 'off' and the 'road' is important.  Type the web address without it and you'll end up listening to the 'fat guitar sounds' of German classic metal band – which may or may not be a good thing.  We are trying to do something about that, but if you end up at a website offering 'earthy interpretations' of music rather than bikes then you're ridden down the wrong trail. On the up-side it'll be an adventure and that's what is all about.


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