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Video: Police officer demonstrates how not to cycle down steps

Cautious approach, cautious descent, calamitous impromptu dismount

Footage published to social media shows a Police Scotland officer falling while cycling down a set of steps. The officers was said to have been demonstrating a safe way for kids to cycle down steps at the time.

The footage, shot at Prestwick Academy in South Ayrshire, was posted by Twitter user @Hoopsterdell, who captioned it “Strathclyde’s finest”.

The officer slowly bumps down one set of steps to where there is a turn, but his weight then takes him forwards over a now stationary front wheel and he lands in a heap.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Hoopsterdell explained: "Police were staging a safe way for kids to go down the stairs on their bikes and the policeman failed miserably. He took it in good spirits. He was fine, just a bit embarrassed."

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