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Edinburgh could get bike lift for tough hill

One of five infrastructure schemes vying for millions of public cash

Edinburgh could have a new ski-style bike lift on one of its steepest hills, thanks to millions of pounds worth of Scottish funding for cycle infrastructure.

The lift would be styled on one in Trondheim, Norway, which was installed in 1993, helping cyclists who can’t manage the gradient to use their bikes more easily.

The lift in Edinburgh would help cyclists tackle The Mound.

It’s one of five cycle schemes competing for the government money. Others include segregated cycle ways in west Edinburgh and others in Glasgow, Stirling and Inverness, all competing for the Community Links PLUS award.

All five will now complete detailed proposals thanks to £40,000 development awards.

The winner is due to be announced in late summer.

Ian Maxwell of the city's cycle advocacy group Spokes told the Scotsman: "An electric bike would be a better bet for people who have problems cycling up hills.

"A bike lift could become a tourist attraction, but there are more important priorities for cycle spending."

Daisy Narayanan, deputy director for built environment at Sustrans Scotland, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the extremely high quality of entries .

"These proposals are exemplary in their understanding of the need to improve our streets for the well-being of everyone.

"Critically, local authorities across Scotland have shown they are keen to enable access for pedestrians and cyclists of all abilities.

"The country is embracing the health and economic benefits of a modal shift in how we design our streets and roads.”

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