Great cycling deals on Castelli, Kona, & Portland Design Works

Kona's Jake The Snake CX bike features in today's DealCatcher alongside a Castelli jersey & PDW's Magic Flute pump...

You've done it, you've made it through another week. Why not reward yourself with some new bike gear? Go on, you deserve it.

The DealCatcher, as always, is here to help you on that journey of self reward. In our retail therapy toolbox today we've got a bike, a jersey, and a portable pump, all at incredible prices.

Kona's Jake The Snake gets things started with a 20% discount over at Cycle Store. Hargroves Cycles follow that up with a Castelli Potenza jersey at a 20% discount, with Tweeks Cycles's 35% discount on Portland Design Works' Magic Flute bike pump rounding things off.



Cycle Store

20% off Kona's 2016 Jake The Snake
WAS £1399.00 | NOW £1119.20

Apart from just having a great name, Kona's Jake The Snake is a great option for CX racers and dodgy-road commuters alike.

Consistently one of Kona's best selling bikes, the Jake The Snake carries a Shimano 105 drivetrain, an FSA Gossamer CX N11 crank set, WTB STp i19 wheels, and Clement MXP 700x33c tyres aboard Kona's Race Light 7005 Aluminium Butted frame.

A full carbon fork, Hayes CX Expert disc brakes and Kona finishing kit... well... finish things off.

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Hargroves Cycles

20% off Castelli's Potenza Grey Jersey Fz
WAS £174.99 | NOW £140.00

It's an oft-lamented fact in the cycling industry that premium products come at premium prices.

Sure, you can have a fun time and get by in bargain gear, but boy do you know it when you're wearing a pricey, well made bit of gear.

This Castelli Potenza jersey is aimed at keeping the warm air inside your clothes, and the cold air out. If it's anything like the other cold weather Castelli gear we've had in before - like the Espresso Jacket for which you can read the 9/10 review below - it'll be worth the £140, for sure.

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Tweeks Cycles

45% off PDW's Magic Flute
WAS £29.99 | NOW £19.49

No, you won't be charming snakes or luring rats out of cities with this flute, but it'll help you reinflate quickly, painlessly, and stylishly.

If the Magic Flute is sold out when you come to buy it, don't fret. The slightly smaller Little Silver pump from Portland Design Works will still be available at the same price.

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