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Smiles are better than grimaces this #mycyclingweekend

The humble smile won out over the gritted-teeth grimace this #mycyclingweekend. Were you smiling?

So, who's got that Monday smile stuck to their face because their #mycyclingweekend was so good? There are a couple of us here at and no doubt a whole load at Cycle Surgery too! Here are the smiles you lot had on over the weekend, we hope they haven't worn off!

As always, we've got a winner of the weekly #mycyclingweekend competition, and it feels extra good to be rewarding a pair of smiling faces.

This week's winner, Instagram user @marialockwood, remembered to include both the #mycyclingweekend hashtag and the #CycleSurgery hashtag, and of course, she remembered to smile



#mycyclingweekend #cyclesurgery #smiles

A photo posted by @mairilockwood on


Roadcyclingdad on Twitter also got in on the smiling action despite the cold weather, as did our man John Stevenson.





On the grimacing side of things was billybobbackdooractionvoyeur... Yes, that is his real username.



Bit steep init? #mycyclingweekend #cyclesurgery Valé Street Bristol

A photo posted by Justin Headlong (@billybobbackdooractionvoyeur) on


But the grinning happiness was easily found elsewhere. Here are a few more of your fantastic #mycyclingweekend photos.





Another winter peaks ride done. #cycling #mycyclingweekend #peakdistrict #wintermiles #outsideiscold #keeppedalling

A photo posted by Andrew Clarkson Photography (@mraclarkson) on






#veloclubwalcot is #go #mycyclingweekend #cyclesurgery #funinthesun #milesofsmiles

A photo posted by Nick Rearden (@nickrearden) on


Remember, it's never too late to get in on the #mycyclingweekend action. All you've got to do is fire a photo at Instagram or Twitter with the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags attached and you'll not only be in with a chance of featuring on the website, you could win a #CycleSurgery-supplied prize!

Happy riding!

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