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Cardiff's 4-part plan to double its number of cyclists

The city's council has identified a number of issues it needs to overcome to boost the number of cyclists on its streets...

A nine-year plan to double the number of cyclists on Cardiff's city streets has been drawn-up by the council.

According to the City of Cardiff Council they need to make changes to four main areas and overcome four specific problems in order to meet their objective.

That objective is for "Cardiff to be a city where cycling is a normal and practical choice for short trips for people of all ages and abilities."

The plan features the four areas of infrastructure, schools, employers and shops, alongside four changes regarding the specific experiences of cyclists in the city that will have the most impact on cycling in the city.

The release of these plans and objectives from the council comes alongside figures which suggest that Cardiff is set to see an increase in population and jobs in the region of 79,918 and 40,000 respectively over the next nine years.

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Obviously, population increases of that magnitude raises logistical issues within how the city operates. In response to those predicted issues the council has released a Local Development Plan, which includes maps of improved walking and cycling routes, alongside a list of problems it has identified as the most important to address if cycling numbers are to double.

Those changes are as follows:

  • Improvements to a "fragmented and incomplete" cycling network
  • Overcoming the "challenging" issues in making changes to that network
  • Changing both perceived and actual safety issues with regards to cycling in the city
  • Raising the investment in cycling per person from the "significantly lower than European cities with a strong reputation for cycling" number of £3.84 per person

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The goal is for 50% of trips to be made by sustainable modes of transport by 2026. The report includes the figure that 52% of car trips that start in Cardiff only cover 5km or less, a distance which the council says "can be comfortably cycled." 

Infrastructure is the main focus. The plans target securing more money for funding, the redevelopment of city centre cycle routes, and the filling of missing links in the "fragmented" network.

The plans also include the recommendation that a cycling hub be installed at Central Square for 500 bikes, as well as a cycle hire scheme for the city.

More 20mph zones across the city have also been recommended.

As part of this process, consultants on the project Gehl Architechts and the council have held workshops with local groups and residents to ensure that the plans meet the needs of those who the plans will be serving.

Further specifics about the particular changes to Cardiff as a city and maps can be found over at Wales Online.

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burtthebike | 7 years ago

They could start by putting proper cycle stands in the Bay Development, instead of the worse than useless corkscrew/hairgrip abominations.

bendertherobot | 7 years ago

And they will continue to ignore any requests to clean the Taff Trail.

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