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New Year, New #mycyclingweekend Pictures!

The only resolutions we want to see this week are high ones... in the form of photographs... what?

We're back to normal here at; gone are the trees, decorations and mince pies. Our slightly larger bellies and New Year's Resolutions are still here, but we (us and Cycle Surgery) don't want to hear about that. We just want to see your weekend cycling photos!

We've joked about resolution there in the tagline. Did you see our resolution joke? Funny, right? You haven't got to be a gold-standard photographer, or own a camera with seriously high resolutions to win a #mycyclingweekend prize, though.

All we want to see are some beautiful, fun, or interesting photos of your weekend rides, wherever those rides might be taking place.

If you're stuck in Surrey or over in Lincolnshire and you feel like your local scenery wont be able to hold a candle to the reader who spins up an alp every day - yes, there are a few of those - don't be silly.

The #mycyclingweekend weekly photo round-up isn't about spectacular views; though they're pretty nice to look at from time to time. The photos you send in every #mycyclingweekend are about telling your riding stories, and that's what we want you to focus on.

Whether you've had some trouble with your bike, you took a spill, or you spotted something really cool on your ride; take a photo and share it with us!

All we ask of you is that you remember to include both the #mycyclingweekend and the #CycleSurgery hashtags!

Happy New Year everyone; here's to plenty more #mycyclingweekends to come!











Beautiful cold morning #mountainbike #mountaincycling #mycyclingweekend

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