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Boardman Performance Centre gets green light

More than six years in the making, Chris Boardman's dream of professional facilities for all levels of cyclist, will be realised by winter 2017, according to the company...

Planning approval has been granted for Boardman Bikes’ 18,000sqft Performance Centre, scheduled to open Winter 2017, aimed at bringing professional level testing to all cyclists and triathletes.

The new facility will include a cycling specific wind tunnel, physiology testing suite, and a concept store, as well as a café, with social rides into the surrounding Cotswolds. The site will also become the brand’s head office.

The Performance Centre, which will be based in The Valley retail park, near Evesham in Worcester, will be aimed at triathletes and cyclists of all levels, according to Boardman, from weekend leisure riders to top level pros.  

Chris Boardman said: “This project has been a dream of mine for more than 6 years and I’m delighted the finishing line is now in sight. The possibilities for what The Centre can deliver are truly amazing; in fact I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say it will be revolutionary.”

Boardman Bikes Managing Director, Andy Smallwood, said: “It’s been a long time in the planning but following our close collaboration with Wychavon Council we are now ready to take the Performance Centre project from concept to reality.

“The combination of World Class facilities and unique customer experience will make the new site a true destination for Cyclists not just locally but from across the UK and Internationally. To say we are excited about this new chapter in the Boardman brands history is an understatement.”

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NeilXDavis | 7 years ago

Yep good luck and I'm glad the project is coming to our area but there's no obvious solution to getting there by bike - it's surrounded by traffic hell on both sides.  Dual carriageway one side and crazy Evesham cyclist would risk it as it is now.

Milkfloat | 7 years ago

Good luck to him, but not the best access for a cyclist arriving by bike.

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