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Need a cargo bike but don’t want the extra weight all the time?

Shopping, kids, surfboard? Nothing too tricky for this neat little sidecar

Need a cargo bike but don’t want the extra weight all the time? Strap this new contraption to your normal town wheels and you’ll be able to carry all the shopping or kids you want to.

East Sussex based TR Fastenings has helped produce a push bike sidecar for the Swedish firm, Side Buddy.

The Swedish designer Jordi Hans set out to create a side trailer that can easily be attached and detached, with maximum flexibility for the ability to carry different loads.

It is hoped the contraption could help ease congestion while being a green option for future city transportation.

There were a number of design challenges, including finding a suitable way to connect the bicycle to the Sidebuddy, and steering issues.

The SideBuddy can be attached to either standard bicycles or electric models and fits up to three children or cargo weighing up to 120kg.


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