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Driver who attacked Iljo Keisse sentenced to 100 hours community service

Judge told man: You clearly have a short fuse

A road rage driver who attacked the Belgian pro cyclist Iljo Keisse last year has been sentenced to 100 hours os community service and a 300 euro fine.

The man, known only as Marc V., was said by the court in Ghent to have cut up Keisse with his car during a training ride.

Two independent witnesses told the court that the driver then got out of his car and pushed Keisse, who injured his shoulder when he fell.

According to Het Nieuwsblad, the driver will also have to pay Keisse 750 euros, far less than the 2,500 euros demanded by the pro rider’s lawyer.

The version of events in June 2015 was denied by the driver, saying: ““It is a pity that this is not described correctly.

“Keisse just fell, but so be it. If there had been cameras there, it’d be clear.”

But the judge disagreed, saying it was clear the driver had a ‘short fuse’.

“It happened 500 metres from my door,” Keisse told Het Laatste Nieuws last June. “That car came from the street I wanted to enter, I braked, but he took his turn entirely on the inside. Thankfully, I can ride well, and I managed to jump on the pavement. I made clear to him that you can’t do that.

“When the man got out of his car, I immediately knew it was on. I don’t think he knew, he was just wild. Foam on his lips.”


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