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Too cold to cycle? Hone your racing strategy with a board game instead

Enthuse even the non-cyclists in your life with some fast-paced strategy

Is it too wet and cold to actually go cycling? Why not get in the spirit anyway with a new cycling strategy board game?

The brainchild of a former professional cyclist and current bike shop manager, Glory Gears aims to bring some of the thrill of racing to the kitchen table.

Little 500 Champion Alex Bishop said of his game: “Glory Gears is inspired by countless memories, experiences, and friendships I've made at Indiana University while racing with the Cutters in the Little 500 bicycle race.  

“This event has changed my life and so many others that have been in and around it throughout the years, that I wanted to create a way for as many people to experience and be a part of it as possible.  

“As a game designer, I thought what better way than to be able to bring that thrill and excitement of the race into your home with family and friends. Glory Gears is the culmination of years of design and play testing to offer the most realistic, fast paced, strategic board game experience.”

The game's optional advanced set of rules includes bike mechanicals, wrecks, dropped bike exchanges, and secret historical team strategies.

Anyone who pledges $40 or more to the Kickstarter campaign will receive the board game when it goes into production, as long as the $10,000 funding goal is reached.

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