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“Donald Trump” claims Box Hill KoM on Strava

So much to prove. Sad.

Just a faint suspicion that it may in fact be an impostor, but it’s been pointed out to us that Donald Trump has recently claimed the Box Hill KoM on Strava. Then again, he’s no stranger to unlikely-seeming triumphs so perhaps we shouldn’t question his cycling prowess.

You’d think he’d struggle to grip the bars with his tiny, tiny hands – and we shudder to imagine his helmet hair.

Here’s the segment.

“Trump” secured the fastest time during a 23.7km ride which was entitled “Make Strava Great Again.”

It is the only ride he has ever recorded.

Nor is he the only prominent politician to have made an appearance on Strava recently. Dominic Cox pointed us in the direction of the following series of segments.

Nigel Farage is....jpg

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