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Cycling video round-up: French insanity, NZ outrage, & NYC hipsters

In a worldwide edition of the video round-up we hear "real men ride women," see the 3 Peaks challenge & Wiggins pops his cork...

If you're after a Friday afternoon cycling video divergence, you've come to the right place.

We're off on a bit of a cross-continental road trip this afternoon though, visiting some mental Frenchies, a Kiwi who's clearly off his rocker, and an American whizzing round the city of New York.

Once we're over that, we head on up the Three Peaks Challenge with Scott, over to the Pale Mountains, then through an unidentified forest with tron-like lights.

A pretty savage crash, and a couple of cycling event edits follow, with Sir Brad Wiggins and a gaggle of kids rounding things off.


Crazy/amazing arty French biking - REGIS #2

This is one you have to watch to believe. 

If you're not familiar with REGIS 1, check it out here.

There's a 'story', there are incredible bike tricks, there's comedy, pantomime and all sorts. Perfect for a Friday afternoon.


Pizza, fixies, NYC, arsey riding

The headline says it all here. Matt Reyes flies through the concrete jungle sort of riding his fixie.

We say sort of because it looks like he's paying far more attention to his pizza slice.


NZ Prime Minister's son: "real men ride women"

If you're unfamiliar - which we certainly were - with the Prime Minister of New Zealand and his popstar son, perpare to learn.

Max Key is a New Zealand heartthrob, while also being a DJ/music artist & son of John Key, the Prime Minister. Also he's not a fan of cyclists - it seems.

Here he is learing out of his window shouting at a couple of cyclists that "real men ride women."

Poor form. We bet his dad's embarrassed. 


Three Peaks Challenging with Scott

The Three Peak Challenge is notoriously tough.

Here Scott gives you a taste of what it's like.


The Pale Mountains road

From British mountains to European ones - it feels important that we make that distinction these days.

Check out the limestone peaks of the Pale Mountains - or Dolomites for the uninitiated - and get a taste of what the continent has to offer.


Light Cycles

If you like Tron, you like bikes, and you like the woods. This one's for you.

Seriously though, this effect is beautifully executed by Mike Gamble Media and riders Nave Abrahama, Feliz Abraham, and Ruben Guibert.


Mega wobble leads to mega crash

Paying attention to the road conditions ahead of you is pretty vital if you're about to take your hands off the bars.

Let this be a lesson to you.


Grinduro 2016

The "Bike Party of the Year" kicked off over in California earlier this month.

Grinduro is a festival of gravel, dust and road riding alongside a hefty dose of late night dancing.

Fancy it? We do.


8bar crit

Germany's biggest fixed-gear criterum also took place this month.

The 8bar crit takes place on an abandoned airport near Berlin and looks like ein shuppen load of fun.


Wiggins pops his cork prematurely


If you give em' Champagne, they're gonna spray it Great win in the Maddison @sixdaycycling #Wiggins #sixdaylondon

A video posted by Team #WIGGINS (@wigginsofficial) on

Sir Brad signed out of competetive cycling on home soil with the Six-Day event in London.

During a celebration interview he popped his cork a little early.

Not one to let the moment get the better of him he proceeded to interrupt the interview by soaking the interviewer.


Kids take to the track

Finally, a bit of 'aww' to close off the video round-up.

Have a great weekend.

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StraelGuy | 7 years ago

And now with one more vote.

bikebot | 7 years ago

There's a youtube comment on the Matt Reyes video that sums up my thoughts perfectly, it's the one with the votes.

FatBoyW | 7 years ago
1 like

Crikey I watched the 3 peaks film, very beautiful, fantastic to see remote communities benefiting from cyclists racing. Never would occur to me that with all those crowds None would pick up any litter? 

or just get off your high horse, the devastation of the world by use of fossil fuels and you waste time and energy on, a possibly left, food wrapper sigh

Christopher TR1 | 7 years ago

3 peaks looks like fun. Probably the chucking food wrapper in beautiful countryside clip wasn't intended to be the stand-out moment though.

pablo replied to Christopher TR1 | 7 years ago
Christopher TR1 wrote:

3 peaks looks like fun. Probably the chucking food wrapper in beautiful countryside clip wasn't intended to be the stand-out moment though.


it was in the service area. 

barbarus | 7 years ago
1 like

I loved the french film.  Pure nonsense, excellent riding, loved it!

Yorkshire wallet | 7 years ago
1 like

Oddly enough, just got back New York and was VERY disappointed in the lack of bikes on the streets. We were staying fairly centrally and nearly every bike we saw was a shitheap, contraption-captain thing and riders were certainly not obeying 'the rules'. The only thing close to normality were a few people on road bikes around central park. 

It seemed like the e-bike was also starting to take over as the prefered choice of transport for courier types.  Most of the fixies I saw were cheap chinese style stuff, certainly non of the exotica i've seen on websites and forums. Maybe San Francisco is where it's at instead. 

On a side note, New York is beyond expensive. Screw living there unless you're Patrick Batemen. 

StraelGuy | 7 years ago

I used to think those American fixie riders were pretty cool when I first saw their videos. Now I just want to punch them in the face every time I see one.

burtthebike | 7 years ago

Wow!  The son of NZ PM is another Trump in the making.  Or asshole in the vernacular.

GerardR replied to burtthebike | 7 years ago
burtthebike wrote:

Wow!  The son of NZ PM is another Trump in the making.  Or asshole in the vernacular.

A fairly widely held view here in New Zealand.

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