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Londoners ride "Bike Tubes" to work

A series of led rides guided new cycle commuters in to the city to celebrate Cycle to Work day

London commuters took part in a “Bike Tube” yesterday, a series of guided rides into the city centre, to encourage people to try cycling to work.

Twelve led rides led around 100 people on bikes, many of them new to cycling to work, from different boroughs around London. Experienced ride leaders and marshals were on hand to assist and guide riders, and mechanics to iron out any bike problems.

The London Bike Tube rides were led by the London Cycling Campaign, and sponsored by O’Donovan Waste Disposal, Transport for London, Cycle Scheme and Halfords. 

UPDATED: Sadiq Khan's office says fears over London's cycling budget "complete nonsense"

Jacqueline O’Donovan MD, of O’Donovan Waste Disposal, said: “Bike Tubes are perfect for getting large groups of cyclists across London at the busiest times and building cyclist confidence. At O’Donovan, we’re committed to seeing that new cyclists get all the support they need cycling to work.

O’Donovan recently added Mercedes-Benz Econic lorries to its fleet, an HGV with “direct vision” cab, vastly increasing the driver’s field of vision and reducing the blind spots that contribute to a high proportion of cyclist deaths.

O’Donovan said: “We appreciate the importance of developing a collaborative relationship between the logistics industry and cyclists in London. No one should be afraid to cycle on London’s roads, and we are proud to be working in partnership with LCC encouraging more people in London to feel safe on a bike and cycle to work for the first time.”

LCC CEO, Ashok Sinha, said: “Cycle to Work Day is a great way to help people enjoy the convenience, health benefits and cost savings of cycling to work. We are delighted that O’Donovan’s Waste Disposal is supporting the safety of cyclists.

“London streets can be intimidating in rush hour and the first commute is often the hardest. But with the right support more people can gain the confidence to commute by cycle - which will also help London become the healthier, happier, less polluted and less congested city we all want it to be.”

Several of the rides used London's new Cycle Superhighways, protected bike routes that have resulted in a huge boost in cycling numbers in Central London. 

Santander Cycles were also free today across the capital to celebrate Cycle to Work Day.

City Hall told claims cycling funding could fall off a cliff were “complete nonsense”, after Green London Assembly Members raised concerns at Mayor’s Question Time at City Hall today.

Yesterday was one of the warmest September days since 1911, the LCC points out.

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