Whether it's your cycling friends, a stunning view, or a bunch of clocks you lot found plenty to treasure this #mycyclingweekend...

A bunch of road.cc-ers spent the weekend down at the Big Bike Bash bopping about on the hunt for treasure. Meanwhile the rest of us spent the weekend out searching for our own, and Cycle Surgery have been on hand to dish out a bit of their own booty too.

We'll start with the Big Bike Bash, though, where a whole load of you zipped around the forest searching for clocks!

Instagram users hoggy1972, tamaralovely1, and hillatwang all appeared to have stunning days out searching for the illusive road.cc clocks with their families, while Twitter user Mike Davis also had a great time in the Big Bike Bash dark with his kids.



Happy Campers, Hunting for clocks. #mycyclingweekend #bigbikebash

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Doin' the Bolt...#HuntingForClocks #mycyclingweekend #bigbikebash

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The treasurer hunt at #bigbikebash #mycyclingweekend #teamflash

A photo posted by Tamar Hancock (@tamarlovely1) on






Team road.cc members Ian Upham, Elaine Curtin, and Stu Kerton all had a great time too, as you can see via their photos below:



Post race recovery #bigbikebash #mycyclingweekend #teamroadcc #roadcc

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TREASURE HUNT #bigbikebash #mycyclingweekend #teamroadcc #roadcc

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The #mycyclingweekend fun wasn't restricted to the Big Bike Bash, though. Loads of you went out this weekend and captured photos of your cycling treasures.

John Grenfell took his boy out for a bike ride and he appears to have put up quite a fight on the climbs!

John, you and your boy are this week's #mycyclingweekend winners, send us your details and we'll get the prize pump out to you as soon as we can!



Overtaken by a youngster on #mycyclingweekend #cyclesurgery #sportful #frogbike #teamsky

A photo posted by John Grenfell (@john_grenfell) on


John and his boy weren't alone in searching out their cycling treasure. Instagram user saemundur looked for the chance to bring out his inner child, andy_in_tokyo too was looking for chances for laughter and pranks.





Johannes Helgas also looked to comedy for his #mycyclingweekend shot.



While cvahargreaves and hamishg333 went out with their loved ones this #mycyclingweekend.





Finally LeTourd'Attack took to Cheddar Gorge's beauty for their treasured #mycyclingweekend moment.



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