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Videos: 'Bradley Wiggins' talks music + millions of flies, & crashes

The video round-up goes to the world of make believe, a really buggy Falkirk, and pain town.

We wish we could tell you in all honesty that we were bringing a bit of celebrity to you in today's video round-up, but if you overlooked the parentheses in the headline, we may have inadvertently duped you.

We start today's round-up with our dash of 'celebrity' with a Wiggo-alike. That video is followed by a pretty painful crash caught on a family's securty CCTV camera.

We then move to Falkirk, where we see a first hand account of why it's a place you might want to avoid at this time of year.

Chris Akrigg then takes us on a tour of the '80s, Specialized gives us a look at its custom Red Hook Crit - Barcelona livery, and then we dive into the Transcontinental Race.


'Bradley Wiggins' talks music, sort of

Unfortunately Bradley Wiggins is not gracing our round-up today, instead some bloke from a football show on Sky with a dodgy accent is.

While the content of what he has to say certainly feels 'Wiggo-ey', he doesn't look much like the five-time Olympic champ.


CCTV bike crash looks painful... and embarrassing

You'll have to look closely to spot the crash in this one.

CCTV cameras have plenty of uses, but if you use the internet as a barometer, you'd expect that their primary use is for producing comedy and wince-worthy videos for YouTube.

Whether this unfortunate cyclist was deep in the red zone, playing Pokemon Go, or double checking his route, we'll never know.


10 million reasons to avoid cycling Falkirk in summer

Tourism is on the rise in Scotland, but the old adage of being wary of the locals has never been more true than it is at this time of year in Falkirk.

Midges are genuinely something worth considering if you're planning a trip up the Cairngorms. As you can see here, midges can cause all sorts of problems, and if you're not as equipped as this fella is, this whole experience would be nightmare fuel.


Chris Akrigg takes us back to the '80s

These days the lines between decades blur, as do the lines between bicycle disciplines.

Here we've got Chris Akrigg in the 2010s in a video that looks like he's in the '80s. The bike he's riding is equally timeless.


Custom kit for Red Hook Crit - Barcelona

The Red Hook Crit brings bike races to some of the world's biggest most beautfiul cities.

Speciailzed is using the Red Hook Crit tour as an excuse to bring some stunning liveries to its bikes.

Here's Barcelona's livery. Beauty.


An inside look at the Transcontinental Race 2016

The Transcontinental Race is one of the biggest undertakings you can undertake on two wheels.

Here's about as intimate a look as you can get.


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Man of Lard | 7 years ago

There are probably plenty of reasons to avoid Falkirk (south bank of the Forth) but the midge video was from the Cairngorms, as close to Falkirk as Leicester is to London...

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