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Great cycling deals: 50% off a Btwin Triban, Science in Sport, & more

The DealCatcher's back with cycling deals galore on nutrition, bargain bikes, & locks...

It's Monday, it's the afternoon, you're probably feeling a bit worse for wear. Why not perk yourself up a bit with some retail therapy.

We've got an amazing deal for new cyclists, an incredible deal for those of you looking to keep your bike safe, and loads of great nutrition bits and bobs for those of you who take it all a bit more seriously.

The BTwin Triban 3 starts things off with a stellar 50% discount over at Decathlon.

That's followed up by Science in Sport's Summer Sale which sees discounts increase depending on the number of products you buy.

Finally, Master Lock's incredible 9/10 rated Street Fortum U-lock is available at a 46% discount over at Wheelies.



50% off BTwin's Triban 3
WAS £299.99 | NOW £150.00

BTwin Triban 3.jpg

Leading the way in today's DealCatcher is BTwin's Triban 3.

We've reviewed a number of Tribans here at and we've pretty much fallen head over heels in love with all of them.

Unfortunately we've yet to be introduced to the Triban 3, which is about as entry level as BTwin bikes get, but if the Triban form holds true, it's bound to be a stellar addition to the range.

Admittedly the bike is only available in the small sizes of 45cm and 48cm, but those of you who fit those frames, you're in for a winner.

The insanely low price of £150 will buy you an aluminium framed, carbon forked machine, running Shimano's basic 2300 groupset. You'll struggle to do better for £150. Ever.

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Science in Sport

Summer Sale
Buy one product - save 30%
Buy two products - save 40%
Buy three products - save 50%


Science in Sport's Summer Sale is upon us.

The savings are broad and generous, and they only get broader and more generous when you buy more stuff!

There's plenty available. From the Team Sky Bundle you see pictured above, to tubs of protein, electorlyte drink mix, energy gels, hydration tablets, and protein bars; if you're looking for some cycling nutrition, you're bound to find it here.

If you want a bit more information, check out our selection of SiS reviews below:

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​46% off Master Lock's Street Fortum D-Lock
WAS £47.99 | NOW £25.99


As far as U-locks go, they don't get much better than this.

The Master Lock Street Fortum was championed by our man Dave Atkinson who gave the lock a 9/10 and heralded its low price.

This is the bonus pack which also includes a cable to secure the rest of your bike and comes in at a fantastic £25.99.

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Dnnnnnn | 7 years ago

Reviews elsewhere of the old red Tribans were as glowing as the paintjob. Shame I'm not shorter!

Delilah7 | 7 years ago

Who does the research/writeups for these Deals?  The Triban 3 is a older bike from Decathlon, that has a few remaining in small sizes.  It is not an adition to the line up and if you looks elsewhere you will see it has scored very highly in the past.  I have owned a Triban 3 for 5 years and now use it as my winter bike.  For anyone looking to start road cycling this is a great place to start just hope they have the correct size for you.

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