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Christian cyclist killed by car in Northern Ireland

Friends pay tribute to rider who devoted himself to charity efforts

Friends have paid tribute to a cyclist in a Christian group who was killed on the road in Northern Ireland this week.

David Catherwood, 61 and from Belfast was hit by a white Mazda as he made his way along the A2 Bangor Road in north Down at 6.30am on July 19th.

The road has a 50mph limit.

David Coulter, a reader, told us: “He touched the hearts of all he met and was such a great encourager on the bike, as he would jolly you along on any spin you took with him.”

The group Cycle 4 Christ wrote online: “His passion for life and his family, everything he set his heart to do for people and God, cannot be equalled...

“We’ll miss you David but we’ll also see you soon, when we’re home with you in glory.”

David, a married father of four, who was a member of the Mountpottinger Methodist Church, was a keen charity fundraiser through his cycling.

His cousin Vera Hounsell, also 61, told News Letter: “He was a fellow who was kind-hearted. You only had to ring him for anything and he would’ve been up at your house.”

Vera’s husband Dave added that before work he was known to cycle several dozen miles to keep fit.

Gordon Dunne, DUP MLA for North Down where the crash occurred, said: “It’s just so sad – a Christian man out like that on a lovely morning is taken away from us.

“I suppose it highlights the whole uncertainty of life for all of us. Life can be taken away so quickly – it’s so precious”.

Paul Roberts, Bangor West Green Party councillor, said he avoids the A2: “a very dangerous road – even for drivers”.

“It’s impossible to know what the solution is,” he said.

“A mixture of high-speed vehicles and cyclists just doesn’t work. It’s just too risky.”

No driver has been arrested in connection with the death.

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Mungecrundle | 7 years ago
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Sincerest sympathies on the loss of your friend.

steviekyle | 7 years ago
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Hi folks,

I've never posted on this or any other cycling mag forums before but I really wanted to share a quick thought. I'm a member of Davy Catherwood's cycling club, Cycle4Christ here in N. Ireland. Davy was a legend in his community, always helping and encouraging others but I noticed that one of the first comments in this post wondered what the relevance was of him being a "Christian" cyclist. 

The thing is, Davy WAS a Christian and was not only proud to be identified as being one but it was the 1st thing he would like to have identified as, so it shows him the utmost respect to headline this article "Christian cyclist". If a cyclist is killed it's always a tragedy but a fellow Christian will know that if that cyclist happens also to be a Christian, then their salvation is secured. So really, the sadness of losing Davy is tempered  by the fact that I know I'll see him again. 

So the headline word in the article "Christian" won't mean much to those who aren't believers. But for those who believe and especially for those of us who were previliged enough to know Davy, it offers comfort. I recieved a message of condolence from a coroner who was called to the scene of the accident last week and he said was immediately moved to smile when he saw the message on Davy's cycling kit. The message on our kit reads "John 3:16". This verse states that "God gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life". 

This post  is in no way intended to start a "back and forth" argument about Christianity, but simply to reinforce just how massive that one word "Christian" is in the article headline, to those believers who read it. They can then go on to read the rest of the article, safe in the knowledge that Davy is not gone forever and will rise again in glory. 

Kindest regards

Stephen Kyle. 

Jacobi | 7 years ago

Thoughts go to his family and friends over this terrible tragedy.

“a very dangerous road – even for drivers”

It's not the roads that are dangerous, it's the idiots driving on them that create the danger.


tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Surely dangerous roads should instantly be dealt with? How can you have a 'dangerous road' and not close it until a resolution is found.

burtthebike | 7 years ago

"Paul Roberts, Bangor West Green Party councillor, said he avoids the A2: “a very dangerous road – even for drivers”.

“It’s impossible to know what the solution is,” he said."

And therein lies the problem.  People who drive cars keep denying the herd of wooly mammoths in the room: cars.  If you don't acknowledge the problem, you will never find the solution.

As a GP member myself, I'm astonished that this councillor could say something quite so obviously absurd. 


I've just checked another report and what the councillor actually said was rather different:

"Paul Roberts, Bangor West Green Party councillor, said that whilst he owns an electric car, he commutes by bicycle during dry weather.

However, he avoids the A2, which he describes as “a very dangerous road – even for drivers”.

The main factors are the “volume of traffic and speed of traffic”.

Much of the whole route between Belfast and Bangor is a 50mph zone, and whilst he said some sections which are covered by cycle lanes, the ideal situation would be to have one all the way between Bangor and Belfast, either along the A2 or along the coast – although he acknowledged this would be “very expensive”.

“It’s impossible to know what the solution is,” he said.

“A mixture of high-speed vehicles and cyclists just doesn’t work. It’s just too risky.”

brooksby | 7 years ago

And the relevance of his being a Christian is...?

STEVESPRO 79 | 7 years ago

Such a tragedy...R.I.P.        

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