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Huge cycling deals on Specialized helmets, computers & High5

The DealCatcher's paid Tweeks Cycles and Cycle Store a visit and has found some great cycling goodies...

In his quest for top quality cycling deals, the DealCatcher stumbled across two from Cycle Store today, and a particularly good one for those of you who are thinking about taking cycling more seriously from Tweeks Cycles.

The first deal of the day is Specialized's SpeedZone, which - over at Cycle Store - represents one of the most heavily discounted cycling computers we've ever seen; 80% is nothing to scoff at!

The second deal of the day also comes by way of Cycle Store - their Specialized S-Works Prevail Helmet's not only had a massive discount, it trumps the discount offered by the big players.

Finally, Tweeks Cycles enter the fray with their half price starter pack for cyclists looking to give themselves a mid-ride boost. Teaming up with nutritionists High5, this bargain's perfect for anyone who's looking to do their first sportive or organised ride in the coming weeks.

Speaking of organised rides in the coming weeks. Are you in the South West? Fancy coming out for a free ride with a bunch of us, some Cycle Surgery-ers, and a bunch of freebies?

Thought so. Sign up below:

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Cycle Store

80% off Specialized's SpeedZone Sport Cycle Computer
WAS £24.99 | NOW £4.99

Specialized SpeedZone Sport Cycle Computer.jpg

Cycling computers are getting more advanced, smaller, and cheaper with every passing year.

Not usually this much cheaper though.

Specialized's SpeedZone measures your maximum speed, average speed, has an odometer trip meter, has auto-wake and auto-timer features - which mean you never have to press a button to measure your ride - and the whole ensemble fits neatly on your bars.


Cycle Store

40% off Specialized's S-Works Prevail Helmet
WAS £159.99 | NOW £95.99

Specialized S-Works Prevail Helmet.jpg

Specialized's Prevail S-Works Helmet is perfect if you're after a seriously light, well ventilated, comfortable helmet, with easy on-the-go adjustments.

And who isn't?

Our tech editor David Arthur reviewed the Prevail a few years back and loved it - even at full price.

It rolled away with an 8/10 rating, and we stand by that opinion.

Taking this price tag into consideration, we've got half a mind to assume that the helmet would have scored even higher on our rating ladder.

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Tweeks Cycles

50% off High5 Starter Nutrition Kit
WAS £6.99 | NOW £3.50

Tweeks High5 Nutrition Starter Pack.jpg

The final deal of the day: nutrition.

Those of you who are looking to head out on one of your first ever big rides are going to need a kick of energy half way through - believe us. You'll also need to avoid the encroaching tide of cramp that'll no doubt be hanging over your legs.

High5's energy gels are the perfect way of getting that energy kick. We should know, we've reviewed both of the High5 goodies you'll be getting in this bundle, and boy are they good.

The energy gels received a 8/10, and the comment from our reviewer David Else that the gels "taste good, slip down easily, and certainly deliver the energy you need on a long hard bike ride."

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The High5 Zero Electrolyte tablets, on the other hand, performed even better. David Else again called the tablets an "excellent drink mix to help replace vital minerals and avoid cramp," and gave them a stunning 9/10.

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