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Woman arrested for stealing child's bike to go Pokémon hunting

Obsessed player just wanted to go faster

A woman who was obsessed with the Pokémon Go game was hauled in front of the Sheriff for stealing a child’s bicycle to go Pokémon hunting.

Brandi-Lyn Heidenreich, 26, was called to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office for the alleged theft of a bike, which she took from behind a business in Oakfield.

The teenager was visiting his mother at work, and Heidenreich allegedly took the bicycle so she could get around faster playing Pokémon Go.

“The suspect then allegedly took the bicycle to her house and left it there and was found walking in the area,” the press release from the sheriff’s office told The Daily News Online.

The bicycle was returned to the teenager.

Yesterday, Chris Froome showed his weakness for the game too - tweeting a helmeted emoticon of himself in the ‘Epic’ category.

But cyclists have to be warned that travelling more than 12 miles an hour prevents the game from registering as having walked the distance, and you can therefore not use the distance to hatch eggs.

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