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Enormous exclusive Ribble cycling deals in the DealCatcher

We've got a couple of exclusive deals on Lezyne lights & Coninental inner tubes - & much more - in Ribbles DealCatcher Takeover...

Ribble are back in the DealCatching game in a big way today: they're bringing exclusive deals for readers your way.

The first two of our myriad of fantastic cycling bargains are those exclusive deals, they come in the shape of a pair of Continental Race Supersonic Inner Tubes, and Lezyne's Mini Drive Front XL lights for a 58% and 76% discount respectively.

That's an extra 40% off the already discounted asking prices of both products.

There's a catch, though... kinda. You've got to use a coupon code, which is only available on this page.

The coupon code is: ROADCC-40

The rest of the deals, while not exclusive, offer incredible bargains. With discounts as high as 70% - in the case of the Carrera helmet at the end of this article - you're bound to find something to improve your weekend's riding - or even your daily commute.

Happy shopping.


58% off Continental's Race Supersonic Inner Tubes
WAS £12.99 | NOW £5.45

With coupon code: ROADCC-40


If you're looking for an extra boost on race day or you're trying to save every gram possible ahead of a summer of slogging up alpine climbs, you've come to the right place.

Head on over to Ribble Cycles, whack a pair of Continental's Race Supersonic Inner Tubes into your basket, head to check out and pop the code 'ROADCC-40' into the coupon box.

Before you know it you'll be rolling along on one of the lightest most performance-oriented inner tubes on the market at an unbeatable price.

You'll just have to be a little more careful than usual when you're installing the inner tubes; lightness comes at a price - thin inner tube walls - so don't get them caught between the tyre and the rim.

We featured these in our inner tubes buyer's guide. So if you want a little more info on what tubes are best for you, check that out:

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76% off Lezyne's Mini Drive XL Front Light
RRP £59.99 | NOW £14.69

With coupon code: ROADCC-40

Lezyne Mini Drive XL.jpg

A "beautifully executed light," says Shaun Audane, our esteemed reviewer, in his Lezyne Mini Drive XL Front Light review - which you can read below.

At this stunningly low price, I'm sure Mr Audane would have sent it out with an even better score than it got.

The light strikes an excellent balance between a full-power headlight and a lightweight cockpit companion. Plus, it's a bargain.

- Read more:'s Lezyne Mini Drive XL Front Light review


31% off Castelli's 3T Pro Short Sleeve Jersey
WAS £65.00 | NOW £44.79

Castelli 3T Pro Short Sleeve Jersey.jpg

Castelli say that their Pro Jersey has an "extreme anatomic cut for on-the-bike comfort," which is something that we've found with their jerseys in the past.

The close fitting race-cut Perfetto jersey from Castelli proved "perfectly comfortable" in our tech editor Mat Brett's opinion, so we're inclined to believe Castelli when they say an "extreme anatomic cut" is comfortable too.

- Read mroe:'s Castelli Perfetto Jersey review


27% off Assos's Summer Gloves S7
WAS £47.99 | NOW £34.99

Assos Summer Gloves.jpg

Gloves aren't just for keeping your hands warm, seriously.

If you've ever come off your bike you'll know that unless you're traveling at breakneck speeds, the first thing to hit the ground will almost always be your hands. If they're bare, you're going to find doing day-to-day tasks, let alone riding a bike, very uncomfortable for quite a long time.

It's for that reason that summer gloves, like these Assos gloves, are so important.

The mesh panels between the fingers give plenty of ventilation for those hot days, and the improved padding will soften the blows of riding on rough roads.


19% off Assos's Intermediate Socks S7
WAS £14.99 | NOW £12.14

Assos Intermediate Socks S7.jpg

So the weather's supposed to be hot and pleasant right now, right. But we know in the UK that you can't rely on that, and you also can't totally forgo the cool weather gear for the summer months.

Which makes the summer bargains on colder weather gear all the more attractive.

These socks, as we discovered when we reviewed them, are one of the better cool weather socks.

The Intermediate S7 socks "deliver on their marketing promise of being warm yet relatively thin," says our man Justin Loretz.

- Read more:'s Assos Intermediate Socks S7 review


51% off Garmin's Vivofit Fitness Band
WAS £99.99 | NOW £48.99

Garmin Vivofit.jpg

Wearable tech, especially in the fitness world, is on the rise in a big way.

Everyone's getting on board the bandwagon, and Garmin are no different.

Their range of Vivofit fitness bands record all of your daily activity - like most fitness bands - but they also sync up with your Garmin Connect.

The Vivofit is also compatible with an ANT+ heart rate monitor strap and its battery lasts an entire year - apparently.

- Read more:'s Garmin Vivofit launch coverage


70% off Carrera's E0434 Nitro Helmet
WAS £139.99 | NOW £41.99

Carrera E0434 Nitro Helmet.jpg

Finally, Carrera's excellent E0434 Nitro Helmet's seen an absolutely monumental discount over at Ribble.

70% discounts are nothing to scoff at, and this is no different.

Carrera do good helmets, we know because we reviewed their then-top-of-the-range number, the Radius Helmet, back in 2013.

It got an 8/10 and was called a "comfortable and close-fitting helmet for putting in serious miles" by our reviewer David Else.

The E0434 Nitro Helmet is billed as a top perfroming helmet too - as its RRP would suggest - that's USP is its Air Lock active ventilation system that even produces a constant airflow past your sunglasses to prevent them fogging up.

- Read more:'s Carrera Radius Helmet review

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