Mod styles for Wiggo-inspired first effort

Heard of Milltag? Us neither. Until today, that is, when Ed from the aforementioned cycle clothing company dropped us a line to tell us about their debut jersey inspired by Wiggo's performance in last year's Tour de France.

It's fair to say that Milltag* are a little different in their approach to cycle clothing. "Our jerseys are designed by top class cycling enthusiasts from the art and design world. They share your love for the honest bicycle and know what it’s like to hit either the wall or the deck", says their website. "Like art, our bespoke jerseys are produced in very limited, individually numbered editions. That means that you are purchasing a garment that is practically unique, lovingly created and guaranteed to be the envy of the rest of those on two wheels (and many of those on two legs)".

Sound intriguing? Well they've just announced their first jersey, pictured above. "It's inspired by Bradley Wiggins' performance in last year and his love for all things Mod", Milltag's Ed Cowburn told us. "Mopeds, targets, parkas, Northern Soul patches, The Who and The Jam references – they're all there!" Wiggo's number (58) from last year is on the pocket too.

Tech-wise the top is 'manufactured using the latest performance materials' – we'll assume that's Polyester unless we're corrected – and you get a full length zip, 3 rear pockets and silicone grippers at the bottom. It's a strictly limited edition – Milltag are only making 30 – and you'll have to part with £70 (+ P&P) if you want to get your hands on one. You can't buy them quite yet but you can pre-order from the website at www.milltagcc.com. Like it? Tell us what you think...

* Now I've got 'Which way should I jump' by the Milltown Brothers in my head for the rest of the day. Thanks, Milltag.

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