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Videos: Tightrope cycling, mid-race scooters & angry Sagan

This week's video round-up features some scary moments on the road, in races, and over hundred foot drops, as well as a pretty angry Peter Sagan...

Close calls are an experience we all face far too often while we're in the saddle. The scariest examples the majority of us experience on a day-to-day basis come on the road, but certain cyclists face much worse.

Just ask the rider we feature in our first video of the day, Kenny Belaey. His video features him riding over a wire no more than a couple of inches wide above a hefty drop. 

Also featured in today's round-up is a really scary close pass on a busy London road, some hairy moments in a Tour de Suisse event, and a really angry Peter Sagan.

There are some more great videos too, which we won't spoil for you here.



Forget tightrope walking...

We've seen a lot of crazy things here on the video round-up, but riding a bicycle over an enormous crevasse is certainly up there with the most mental.

Belgian trailbiker and professional crazy person Kenny Belaey is the man trying to do the impossible.

Note the lack of balance aids.

He does it, incredibly, but not without a few failures first. Check out the making-of video below.


Washing machine

It's not peak bike cleaning season at the moment, sure, but we're lazy here at and we'd never turn our noses up at an easy alternative to getting our hands dirty scrubbing chainrings.

What you see here is Hotel Funivia Bormio's bike washing machine.

We've heard it's got 11 speeds, and features a particularly pacey spin cycle...


Close pass

The video round-up was originally envisioned to be a place where we name and shame examples of awful roadside behaviour from drivers and cyclists alike.

That concept was far too depressing, so instead we pick out some of the worst examples and post them between some of the lighter more interesting stuff we find.

This week's example of shocking behaviour comes from a van driver in London. How there's no contact here is beyond us.

Youtuber Amere Rider is the cyclist on the receiving end of this close call, he's also the rider who was threatened with a baseball bat by a driver a couple of weeks ago.

- Read more: driver threatens cyclist with a baseball bat


Angry Sagan

We know Peter Sagan likes wheelies, mountain biking, and generally being a cheeky world champion.

We now know he hates loud noises.

Specifically gun shots mere centimeters from his ears.


Le Petit Tour de Suisse

The Tour de Suisse ran a children's race this year.

Surprisingly it featured a number of dramatic crashes and was even interfered with by an individual on a scooter.

How this isn't a spectator sport yet, we don't know.


Brandon Semenuk

We're roadies, sure, but even we can appreciate a truly spectacular piece of riding when we see it.

Just watch out for the tailwhip at the end. Wow.


The best line ever?

As you can see from Mr Semenuk's video above, it's not the line you take that makes for a truly spectacular ride; it's what you do with it that counts.

That said, the Garden Route Trail Park's 'Small Line' in South Africa is something truly special.

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OldRidgeback | 7 years ago

The strider bike footage is amusing but at that age in the BMX fraternity, we have kids on strider bikes doing races at BMX tracks.


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