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Council puts bollards in middle of bike lane

Cheshire East Council placed the bollards there to stop cars using the path as a short cut, but a local campaigner says it's an accident waiting to happen...

A line of bollards, which have been placed in the middle of a bike lane in Crewe, are an “accident waiting to happen”, according to a local campaigner.

Cheshire East council placed ten black bollards on a cycleway on a residential road, it says because of cars mounting the verge, and to warn of cars entering and exiting driveways along the route.

However, Cycling UK member, Matthias Bunte, told the Crewe Chronicle the council has overestimated the threat caused by motor vehicles, at the expense of cycle safety.

Council spends £55k turning cycle lane into car parking

He told the Chronicle: “They are difficult to see especially in group riding because they are masked by the rider in front.”

He says bollards should only be used as a last resort and claims just four incidents of vehicles using the grass verge as a shortcut have been reported in as many years.

“Bollards reduce the effective width of the cycleway and can be dangerous to cyclists, especially at this location as it is poorly lit at night.”

He says the bollards should be removed and the situation monitored over a year before a decision is made to install them. No incidents have been reported of cyclists crashing into the bollards.

Cllr Sam Corcoran said: “It’s a new cycle path that has been put in and somebody has decided to put bollards down the middle of the cycleway which is a bad idea and a waste of money.

He added though the route is in a sensible place the council has “undone all the good work” by putting the bollards down.

A Cheshire East Council spokesman said: “Bollards have been installed on this cycleway in order to prevent unauthorised and improper use by motor vehicles.

“Several incidents have been reported to the council in the past and this decision was taken following consultation with local residents who had expressed concern about safety.”

The council says a safety audit did not highlight any concerns, but another will be conducted as part of the review process.

Sam Jones, Cycling UK Campaigns Coordinator told “While it seems the council had good intentions in installing the bollards, we hope they will listen to our local representative in their second safety audit and come to a workable solution that will facilitate safe cycling, not unnecessarily endanger it.”


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