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Great cycling deals on FREE SiS gels + Muc-Off & Kona

The DealCatcher's spotted the chance to get 12 free GO Energy gels from Science in Sport + a Kona bike & a Muc Off cleaning bundle...

In what might actually be a DealCatcher first we have a product for you today that has actually had 100% of its price sliced away.

Over at Science in Sport right now you can get your hands on 12 Science in Sport GO Energy gels, which normally retail at £16.80, for literally nothing. Seriously. If you don't buy anything else you'll have to pay for delivery, but if you simply add the gels onto an order of more than £10, you won't have to pay a penny extra.

We've got some more pretty great deals for you from Wheelies and Hargroves Cycles today. While they might not be able to offer you free stuff, they can offer you fantastic discounts on bikes and cleaning equipment.

Check out the 33% price cut on the Kona Esatto over at Wheelies, and also the 20% discount on Muc-Off's Ultimate Cleaning Kit over at Hargroves.



33% off Kona's Esatto Disc Road Bike
WAS £1199.00 | NOW £799.99

Kona Esatto Disc 2015 Road Bike.jpg

The first deal of the day is Wheelies' 33% discount on Kona's Esatto disc-equipped road bike.

This endurance bike was announced back in 2014, and it represented Kona's attempt at creating the "ultimate bike for those long, exploratory rides that you never want to end."

That description got a few of us in the office quite excited about the Esatto, which at its original price of £1199 offered excellent value.

With its fatigue-resistant Scandium frame, Shimano Tiagra/105 mix groupset, carbon fork, Hayes CX Comp L-Series disc brakes, and Alex CXD7 wheels, you're getting quite the bike for under £800.

Admittedly, this bike is only available for a select few of you who will fit a 54cm frame. We're sorry if we got your hopes up, only to dash them at the last moment.

Wheelies have got a few other interesting looking offers on at the moment, though. If the 54cm Kona's a bit big for you, why not check out the versatile Orbea Avant H30 which is available in a 51cm frame, or  the Scott Addict 30 that's available in both a 52cm and 54cm frame.

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Hargroves Cycles

20% off Muc-Off's Ultimate Cleaning Kit
WAS £59.99 | NOW £47.99

Muc-Off Cleaning Kit.jpg

We reviewed this incredibly good value bundle back in 2012, when the bottles looked a little different and Muc-Off were still new.

Since then, they've become official partners of multiple Tour de France title winning team, Team Sky, and have been developing their incredible range of cleaning gear 

Much of the kit is still the same, though. Which is why we're showing you this deal. at under £50 this bundle will give you access to some of the best bike cleaning gear money can buy at a great discount.

We worked out at the time of the review that the bits in the box added up to £65.50, so really, if you think about it properly, you're basically getting a 27% discount here.

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Science in Sport

100% off Science in Sport's GO Energy Gels
WAS £16.80 | NOW £0.00

SiS 12 Free Gels.png


Finally, the deal you've all been waiting for.

The free stuff.

That's right, it is still free, nothings changed since you clicked on the article, you can relax.

The deal is, Science in Sport are giving away GO Energy Gels. We've been careful not to ask too many questions, because if they realise how many of you are about to take advantage of this deal, they might pull it. So we're keeping a low profile.

So, keep your voices down, and head over to their website by following the link above. Fill in the form they've got for you, and wait paitently for an email.

Now, you may have to wait a while before the code is sent your way, but once it has been, all you've got to do is whack the gels into your basket, go to the checkout, pop the coupon code into the appropriate coupon code box, and 12 free energy gels will be on their way to you.

The only catch is this: you'll have to pay for delivery if the items in your basket don't add up to £10, which they won't if the only thing you've put in there are these gels.

So, if you want to avoid paying around £4 in delivery, let us point you in the direction of some of their other great deals:

You can currently get 20% off any SiS bundle with their Bundle Boost offer.

Just follow that link there, take your pic of any of their already massively discounted bundles, pop the code '20BOOST' into the coupon code box, and you'll be energy gel rich.

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