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Share your fresh ride this #mycyclingweekend

Summer's just around the corner, so take your bike out for a sunny photo shoot and share it with us + you could win some Lezyne goodies...

Keeping your ride fresh in the winter is a challenge. Unless you're the freakiest of clean freaks your bike will remain at least a bit mucky from October through to May. It's June now, so the excuses are moot and Cycle Surgery are offering a prize to the freshest pair of summer wheels we see this #mycyclingweekend.

Fresh doesn't have to mean cool, it also doesn't have to mean spotlessly clean; although that'll help. We want to see you showing off the bike you're most proud of, the bike you love more than almost any other possession you own, in all its glory.

We'll judge the 'freshness' of your photograph and reward you accordingly.

Remember, the freshest set of wheels we see this #mycyclingweekend will roll away with the following prize courtesy of the guys over at #CycleSurgery!



Freshen up your bike with this week's #mycyclingweekend prize!

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To win this pair of Lezyne goodies you'll have to upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter with BOTH the #mycyclingweekend and the #CycleSurgery hashtags in the caption.

Here are some pretty fresh photos we've already been sent this week.

We know things can get fresher!

Just maybe not this fresh:



Happy riding.



When in Rome...

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