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Amsterdam cyclists can now order Uber cars with bike racks

Four euro charge on top of the standard cost – but only space for one bike

Uber have announced the introduction of a new service for cyclists in Amsterdam. Cyclists in the Dutch capital – of whom there are plenty – can now use the Uber app to order a car with a bike rack. Journeys will cost the same amount plus four euro for carrying the bike.

Why might you require a lift when you already have your own form of transport? In a post on its website, Uber suggests, “because it rains like crazy or your legs are simply too tired from all the dancing.” Or maybe you’re just feeling slow and lethargic for some reason. And also hungry.

To use the service, weary or rain-shy cyclists simply open the Uber app, slide to the UberBike option and then enter the address from where they wish to be collected. You’ll need to make a booking each though if there’s a bunch of you because Uber says you can only place “up to” one bike on the bike rack.

In 2014, a similar service was trialled in Seattle going by the name of UberPedal. Pricing was similarly reasonable and the only real difference was that cars had space for two bikes, not one.

The Amsterdam development feels more significant though. With 38 per cent of all trips being by bike and more bikes than people in the city, there’s a bigger market. If it catches on, it’ll be interesting to see whether the service is eventually rolled out in the UK as well.

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