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Cyclist riding London to Bristol to raise money for legal challenge to fight Enfield Mini Holland

Concerns centre on congestion resulting from diverted traffic

At least one local cyclist is unhappy with current proposals for Cycle Enfield, the £30m Mini Holland scheme which would see the introduction of protected bike lanes and restrictions on vehicle access to the town centre. Justin Mason will cycle from London to Bristol from June 3-5 in a bid to raise £1,000 to mount a legal challenge against what he describes as ‘short-sighted proposals’.

The consultation on Cycle Enfield closed on December 18 and since then, a number of changes have been made in response to feedback from the public.

One concern mentioned in the consultation summary was possible congestion from traffic being diverted down alternate routes.

Writing on his JustGiving page, Mason said:

“We live in the middle of town and LB Enfield’s proposals to clear the town centre for bikes will see the volume of traffic double within 50 feet of our home: that’s twice the danger from cars, vans, trucks and buses and twice the pollution. For me, my family and my neighbours it won’t improve our health or create safe and secure cycle lane routes for everyone. Cycle Enfield have got it completely wrong and need to start again.”

In January, Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes claimed there was ‘overwhelming opposition’ to Cycle Enfield. Burrowes wants the £30m Mini Holland grant to be given back.

However, Mason is keen to make the point that you don’t have to be anti-cycling to oppose the current proposals. “As I said before, I love being on a bike but I can’t accept LB Enfield’s proposals as they’re a threat to the welfare and health of all who live in the vicinity. For the Council to bull-doze this through is not right and must be resisted strongly.”

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