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Bike Club: Pay-as-you-grow scheme for kids' bikes

For a fiver a month, the Bike Club means your kids' bikes will grow with them...

An new pay-as-you-grow scheme for kids’ bikes means parents can exchange their little ones' bikes as the child grows up, without forking out for a new one each time.

Called the Bike Club, for a £5 monthly fee bikes are delivered to customers’ homes and then swapped for larger models when the last one has been outgrown.

The couple behind the Bike Club say the scheme means kids will always have a decent quality, lightweight bike that fits them and is well-maintained.

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Alexandra and James, founders of the Bike Club, say they want to get more kids cycling with the initiative. 

They say: "It's a bit like renting a car for a longer period, only no one complains about scratches after you use it - the bikes are fully covered for general wear and tear, so you can relax about that.

"The bikes are genuinely some of the best on the market, they are made by Cuda Performance and are up there with Isla and Frog bikes (those are really nice kids bike brands)."

There are no pinks for blues and boys for girls here, either.

"The fleet colours are a little uniform," they say. "The Bike Club don't really believe in gender stereotyping the bikes. Still they look pretty cool coming in yellow and green or a red and blue finish. Your child can always make it their own by adding bells, lights and bags to suit their taste."

There is an age and height size guide on the website but if the bike doesn’t fit  - or if a customer isn't happy with it - they will replace it.

There's a family discount for those with more than one small cyclist. Delivery charges apply to bikes delivered outside of weekends and outside of the South East and London.

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