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Great cycling deals from Northwave, Fuji, & Shimano

The DealCatcher's got shoes, bikes, and wheels for you today. Big discounts too!...

Roll up, roll up, the DealCatcher's back in town with cycling deals galore, and you're next in line!

We'll start proceedings with the wares we found over at Evans Cycles. There's currently a bit of a 2016 bike sale going on over there, you can check out the full range here but in the meantime check out Fuji's tron-looking Transonic speed machine. It's gorgeous.

If the Transonic's tickled your fancy, why not invest in a pair of matching shoes? Over at Chain Reaction Cycles you can get your hands on a pair of Northwave Sonic SRS Road Shoes at a 60% discount.

There are loads of colour options too, so you're not confined to buying kit that looks like it's been designed for an 80's sci-fi flick. If you were, it wouldn't be that bad though. We like them that colour.

Finally, Shimano's highly rated RS31 wheelset's on sale over at Merlin Cycles. You'll be able to check out our review of the disc-ready version - the RX31s - while you're browsing.


Evans Cycles

20% off Fuji's Transonic 2.3 2016 Road Bike
WAS £1799.00 | NOW £1439.00


First up is Fuji's Transonic 2.3 race machine from Evans Cycles.

The name makes it sound like a military grade aircraft, and that's no mistake. The Transonic, according to Fuji, is the culmination of years of aero engineering in the A2 Wind Tunnel.

They also say that they've made no compromise in the pursuit of speed with control.

Well, we've not ridden this particular Shimano Ultegra totting, C5 high-modulus carbon framed machine, but we have ridden a very similar model - the Transonic 1.3 2015 model.

Our tech editor Mat Brett took it for a spin at Eurobike and thought it was a stunning ride.

Another year of development, and some more fancy decals, make the 2015 Transonic 2.3 a fantastic prospect at under £1500.

- Read more:'s Fuji Transonic 1.3 first ride


Chain Reaction Cycles

60% off Northwave Sonic SRS Road Shoes
WAS £99.99 | NOW £39.99

Northwave Sonic SRS.png

Now, we were kind of joking when we suggested you invest in a matching shoe and bike combo today, but would it be such a bad idea?

They certainly look the part, and they also perform exceptionally well according to our reviewer Stu Kerton.

He said that the quality of the shoe was worthy of its full price tag. He added that their comfortable and an ideal choice for long hours in the saddle.

By that logic they're a steal at £40.

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Merlin Cycles

49% off Shimano's WH-RS31 Clincher Wheelset
WAS £224.98 | NOW £114.95


Finally, Shimano's WH-RS31 Clinger Wheelset from the deal magicians over at Merlin Cycles.

We already know that these wheels will perform fantastically, we had their disc brake-ready brothers, the RX31s in for review, and our main man Dave Atkinson gave them a very respectable 8/10.

He called them a very good all-purpose wheelset for your do-anything bike.

You can check out his review in far more depth by following the link below.

- Read more:'s Shimano WH-RX31 Wheelset review


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